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“You could go off and create millions of links across millions of websites and we could just ignore them.…or there could be one really good link from one website out there that is for us a really important sign that we should treat this website as something that is relevant. Maybe from a big news site…” Google

What we do


1. Research

We search through top authority news sites that link to websites that have expired and no longer exist

2. Redirect

We purchase the expired domain and setup a redirect from the expired domain to your website

3. Enjoy Increased Rankings

Google recognises this a direct link to you and passes the authority onto your website.

Boost Your Google Rankings With Just One Link!

Our fool-proof system TURBOCHARGES your Google Rankings – so you get more leads, traffic, and sales…

“I made an extra 20K this December thanks to you. Please put me at the top of the list for 5 links every month!”

High quality backlinks from trusted sites are like gold dust – impossible to get but invaluable if you do. 

Getting just one link from a trusted high authority sites like the BBC, Guardian, and CNN gives a huge boost to your site’s authority – a fact top Google search experts have confirmed …

“The total number (of backlinks) does not matter. You could create millions of links across millions of websites, and we could ignore them.…or there could be one really good link from one website out there that is a really important sign we should treat this website as relevant. Maybe from a big news site…”  Johannes Muller, In-House Search Expert, Google.

Would you like to see more traffic to your website, or enjoy a stream of new leads, sign ups or sales?

You might have a great product or service but if nobody knows you exist, your business won’t grow as fast as it should.   Our services give you a huge edge over your competitors as Google will give your website an enormous ranking boost.

Sounds great, so how does it work?

Our experts scour the web looking for expired domains in backlinks on the top news sites that Google rates highly.  When we find these domains, we purchase them, redirecting the link to your site.  Google treats these redirects as if they were ordinary backlinks – so your site receives the same authority as the original backlink.

It’s a simple, yet powerful technique that works – every time.  Our customers have seen a 100% increase in their rankings with just 1-3 links!

Results are rapid – as soon as Google’s bot has crawled your site, you’ll see a bump, with another, increase after Google makes it periodic update. 

Okay but what’s the catch?

Using redirects in this way is perfectly legal – and your site won’t get penalised by Google for doing so. 

It’s totally risk free – we’ll note the authority rank of your webpage using SEO tool Ahrefs, and again when their index bot and the Google bot visits the redirected domain. If there’s no increase to your authority ranking, you can request a full refund – no questions asked.

The only downside is there isn’t an unlimited supply of quality links available.  SEO agencies and webmasters are purchasing them on the daily, and the competition is fierce, because these links are in short supply.

 It can take months to find more, so if you want to benefit, we recommend you claim yours today.

Limited number available – grab the authority for your site today!!!

Why waste time trying to get millions of backlinks that do nothing, when with our help, you can get the ones that matter?

With our service, and with just a few links, you’ll power to the top of Google rankings – with no need to waste your precious time. 

We have a finite number of expired links available for redirects, and they’re getting snapped up fast.  It’s no wonder they’re selling out, because if your goal is to get a huge bump in Google search – THIS is the fastest way to do it.

It could be a while before we can find some more, so we urge you to act fast, before this batch sells out.  With a full money back guarantee if you don’t see an increase – there’s nothing to lose. 

Get a big boost to your Google Search Ranking and enjoy a new stream of sales and leads to gain by claiming your links today!!!







Repeat Customer Rate

From Our Clients

“Since we have setup a monthly subscription, we have seen our organic search sales gradually rise from 5% to 30% providing an excellent ROI.”


Swift Immigration

“Before, we had difficulty ranking for our main keywords. Now we hold impressive positions…”


Trustee, House In Paradise

“Thanks, we jumped from page 5 in google to page 1, position 1 for our main converting keyword “immigration outsourcing””


Manager, Immigration Outsourcing Services

“I’m sorry I can’t let my competetors know about you…..”


1st page result for "Secured Loans" in google.co.uk

“Definitely noticed a boost in traffic and rankings…”


1st page result for "unlock iphone" in google.co.uk

“I made an extra 20K this December thanks to you. Please put me at the top of the list for 5 links every month 🙂 ”


1st page result for "buy playstation" in google.co.uk

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to see an increase in rankings?

You will usually see a ranking increase initially as soon as the google bot visits the redirect website. You can check that the website is redirected by typing the URL you receive after payment into google like this http://redriectedurl.com and you will see the google result showing your website.

You will see a more substantial increase when google makes its periodic ranking update.

Will I be penalised by google?

Absolutely no, the redirected urls are linked directly from reputable authority news sites such as the BBC, guardian, CNN and similar news sites.

Can I pick the anchor text?

No, this unique method increases the ranking for keywords you are already ranking for (even if on the 40th page in google) and for keywords in your title text of the webpage you want to boost.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, when you order we will note the authority rank  of your webpage using the prominent SEO tool ahrefs and again when their index bot and google bot visits the redirected domain. If there is no increase we allow you to request a refund. 

What is a redirect?

We use a 301 redirect from the formerly expired domain that was linked from the news site. This tells the search engines to redirect to your website and transfer any page rank and authority to your website.

Matt Cutts, Google SEO Expert was asked ““Is there any pagerank lost from having a redirect ”. He replied “Its exactly like having a link”

How many links do I need to see a significant increase in google rankings

Google feels a single link from an authority news site is worth 100,000+ regular links. How much of a increase depends on how much competition you have and the type of links you have. We suggest start with 1-3 links depending on your target market.


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